Below:  B.F.A. Derek Larendeaux 

Fabricated steel, low fire slip. 

Below:  B.F.A. Rebecca Beals 

Cast bronze, silver, plastic. 

Below:  M.F.A. Kevin Reaves

Copper, patina, wood, fibers.  

Below:  B.F.A. Rebecca Beals  

Cast resin, silver, Swarkovski crystals.  

(photo manipulation of image)

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 Process and Materials

Below:  B.F.A. Chelsea Hoilman

Copper, powder coat, raw cotton.   (plants dipped in low fire slip behind)

Above/Below:  B.F.A. Jennifer Culp

Cast bronze, plaster cast (above). 

Copper, brass, silver, Prismacolor, plaster cast (below).  

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