Metalsmith and figurative artist.

P.O. Box 70708, Johnson City, Tennessee | (423) 439-5393 studio

My Work

Over the past few years my work has explored multiple fabrication techniques, and the combination of metal with alternative materials. Organic by nature, these forms use materials for their tactile properties creating pieces that move, have the appearance of flesh, and hint to the adventures of being female in everyday life.

I use elements of nature and the body to create narrative objects, jewelry, and sculpture.  My pieces are fabricated, or made from parts in order to contrast organic and mechanical imagery.  I use mechanisms to create visual structure, perform a function, or define a restriction.  For me it is necessary to cross the lines of reality when describing a concept, or idea.

Much of my work depicts a dialogue, many of those surfacing in the guise of an affliction or struggle.  The function of the self, experience, and perception become variables in ways women define their lives.  Many illustrate a physical struggle, the search to overcome a body's limitations, while others invariably illustrate mental perspective.  Internal elements are often used to illustrate concepts, revealed beneath the flesh as clues in a map.

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