MFA Kevin Reaves

Copper, brass, wood, polymer clay

BFA Derek Laurendeau 

Fabricated steel, low fire slip

Below:  BFA Rebecca Beals

Cast bronze, silver, plastic. 

Below:  Jennifer Culp

Found objects, silver

Below:  MFA Kevin Reaves

Copper, patina, wood, fibers 

 BFA Emily Eversgerd

Hide, silver

BFA Emily Eversgerd

Hide, coper, silver,patina

BFA Derek Laurendeau

Above: Copper, brass, paper

Below: Turned wood, copper, brass


Above: BFA Chelsea Hoilman

Ceramic, rubber, copper

Above:  BFA Shalam Minter

Copper, coated wire, patina

BFA Emily Eversgerd

Silver, plastic, fur

Above:  BFARebecca Beals

Photo Manipulation

East Tennessee State University offers jewelry design and metalsmithing courses at various levels.  For more information please visit the website.


BFA Emily Eversgerd
Copper, silver, patina

 Process and Materials

Below:  BFA. Chelsea Hoilman

Copper, powder coat, raw cotton  (plants dipped in low fire slip behind)

Work in Progress

Above/Below:  BFA Jennifer Culpt

Cast bronze, plaster cast (above)

Copper, brass, silver, Prismacolor, plaster cast (below)

BFA Jennifer Culp

BS Seth Arnall

Copper, brass, marble, silver, glass

Above: BS Seth Arnall

Copper, brass, silver

BFA Derek Laurendeau

Silver, copper, patina

Above:  Intermediate Metals

Copper, patina

Above:  Intermediate Metals

Copper, fibers

Above:  BFA Sarah Noto

Urethane, oil, fur

Above:  BFA John Hodgeson

Copper, powder coated, brass

Above:  MFA Kevin Reaves

Brass, copper, glass, fire brick

Above:  BFA Rebecca Beals

Resin, silver, paint, crystals

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