Below: Antique Print

Ecorche rendering on an armature using oil-based clay.

Plaster hand casts are excellent models for reproducing the hand in clay.  Philippe Faraut has an excellent video on constructing the hand in clay.

Figure Drawing:  Student Work

Course Sample:  Study of the face and musculature.

Student Work


Anatomical Figure Sculpture 

A course offered at ETSU that investigates rendering the figure using anatomical structures.  Projects include: Constructing the Hand, Skull and Face, Ecorche, and Full Figure.  Completing these studies will allow students to pursue the figure with greater understanding and comprehension.

            Below:  Albinus Print

Finding inspiration in art history.  Research is critical for understanding the form.

Figure Drawing:  Student Work

Study of a skull and flesh in low fire white and underglaze.

Paper casts are excellent models for studying the figure.

Study of the face and musculature.  Built over an armature using a pipe and paper. 


Anatomical Figure Sculpture:  Student Work


Figure Drawing:  Student Work

Left:  Community Exhibition

Figure Sculpture:  Student Work

Models are necessary to better understand the figure.

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