Mindy Herrin-Lewis
Gallery Sculpture

The Maker.  Low fire white, hand built, slip, glaze, mixed media, found objects, fibers.  48"X28"X21"  2015

Uterus Puppet.  Clay, mixed media, encaustic, steel, copper, found object, felted wool.  16"X10"X12"  2012 

Past, Present, Future.  Clay, mixed media, encaustic, bronze, copper mesh, found object.  25"X9"X6"  2012  

Nest.  Low fire white, underglaze, copper, silver.  20"X6"X6"  2011  

The Journey.  Clay, steel, copper, found objects, leather, mixed media, encaustic.  23"X22"X12"  2013 


The Farce.  Copper, cast bronze, brass, found object, wood, wall paper, oil, silver, steel.  32"X40"X6". 2007