The Huntress, in process.

Notes:  Low fire white, working much faster than the last.  Having trouble with the seating device, looks as if she's straddling a saw horse.  Thinking of applying small heads to the torso and replicating a game from childhood.  



The Journey.  Clay, steel, copper, found objects, leather, mixed media, encaustic  2013


Nest, in process.

Notes:  Low fire white, very floppy, and loves to crack but wonderful for details.  Eyes closed in contemplation.  This form was built vertically as a solid piece, then hollowed out.  The legs were suspended from a wood armature.  I tend to put dowel rods in sections of the arms and legs to keep them straight, which are removed before firing.  The feet on this piece press into the wall and appear a little shortened.

Working metal is much easier, but I'll get this.  The clay is a very different animal, but lots of fun.  Integrating the two is difficult for me at this stage.


Notes:  Heads are placed on the form, and I'm not sure the design isn't over crowded.  May remove three of the external faces.  These were created by pushing wet clay into a silicone mold.  Let the clay firm up before extracting the form from the mold or they will warp.

Notes:  Form is nearly complete and very different from original design.  The eyes are now opened, but a little disturbing with the underglaze. 

Completing the form took some time.  Integrating materials proved quite a challenge.


Notes:  Underglazes were applied like watercolor to the surface after the initial firing.  I find working on a white surface satisfies the control freak in me.  I pre-soak the fired clay for five minutes in water, then apply the underglaze in layers with a brush in a stippling motion.  


I have yet to get a good photograph of this piece, metal is easier  to document.  The piece looks nothing like this. 

I need to quit "petting the clay" as ceramicists would call it, but I can't seem to help myself.

Nest.  Low fire white, underglaze, copper, silver   2011 

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