ETSU Experience

BFA Exhibition,Katie Watts in the Reece Museum

BFA Exhibition, CJ Wehr in the the Slocumb Galleries

Cheyenne Wheeler modeling the work.  Neckpiece by KathrynJenkins

Community Exhibition

Critique:  Beginning Metals

Critique:  Beginning Metals

Emily Eversgerd

Above:  Work in Progress

Above:  BFA Emily Eversgerd

Copper, patina, coated wire, Prismacolor

Right:  BFA Rebecca Beals

Silver, cubic zirconium


BFA Exhibition,Shalam Minter in the Slocumb Galleries


 Photographing the work

Above: BFA Exhibition,Shalam Minter


Community Exhibition

 Above: MFA Kevin Reaves

Brass, copper, glass



Smithing in the studio